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The constant evolution of agriculture is necessary to sustain the needs of a growing population. Our quality of life is dependent upon the continued development of science and engineering to provide safe food, as well as responsible fuel and fiber. Today’s students need specialized knowledge to become the future innovators who will fulfill the global demand for increased production and efficiency, while sustaining the domestic agriculture industry of our nation.

Today's students need specialized knowledge to become future innovators

We recognize the immense value of our agricultural future, and plan to evolve ahead of the curve in establishing an ag education foundation that will help grow diverse, innovative next generation leadership from the ground up. Our goal is for every student to participate in a healthy, sustainable agricultural future as either an ag-friendly community leader, an ag-educated worker, or an ag-literate consumer and that their decisions made through consumer spending and voting affect our agricultural system – from soil to spoon. By learning and growing through the Sanger Unified Ag Complex, we are guaranteeing them this chance and this choice.

Ag-friendly community leader

Ag-educated worker

Ag-literate consumer

Our place in the center of the nation’s richest agriculture region means that the health of our economy and our communities rely on matching the pace of change in ag technology and production. While public funding supports Fairmont to function on the cutting edge of education, an unprecedented project of this scale requires your participation in generating meaningful private financial support.

The time is now. The opportunity is yours.

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